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No matter where you live in West Lafayette, you have access to safe neighborhoods, parks and recreation opportunities, and excellent education systems.


We will,


  • Continue to invest in and improve neighborhoods to increase access to housing

  • Preserve and revive historic neighborhoods in West Lafayette

  • Utilize our relationship with Purdue University and Purdue Research Foundation to monitor, evaluate, and partner on housing solutions for the entire community

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West Lafayette’s most valuable asset is its well-educated population. From our public K–12 systems to a world-class university, we are rich in knowledge.


To continue this tradition, we must,


  • Foster lifelong learning, starting with early childhood education programs and facilities

  • Balance new housing growth and school district growth

  • Connect educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, and the public to grow the lifelong learning ecosystem


West Lafayette provides a talented workforce and access to globally recognized research. West Lafayette and Purdue University will continue to attract national and international business attention.


Let’s leverage,


  • Strategic, asset-based growth that benefits the company and the community

  • A focus on high-paying jobs that provide a stable quality of life

  • Expanding the small business ecosystem that provides a growing population’s dining, shopping, and entertainment desires

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Accessibility of City Services

Provide greater transparency and accessibility to information about the city.


We will,


  • Improve transparency in government processes and financials

  • Increase communication staffing, systems, and web presence to make information easy to find and easy to use

  • Review and update city policies to reflect community values

  • Improve benefits to attract and retain dedicated employees to public service

Energy & Environment

By consistently exploring ways to reduce our carbon emissions and preserve recreation space, West Lafayette can continue to be a good steward of our financial and environmental resources.


We can learn from,


  • The Go Greener Commission on best practices and utilize its expertise to guide city policy

  • Resources and research in the Greater Lafayette Climate Action Plan and the West Lafayette Climate Action Plan

  • Leveraging experts in water diversion, water treatment, and stormwater practices for clean waterways


We will,


  • Continue to make capital investments that reduce operational resources such as solar panels on the Wellness Center and switching out streetlights to LED

  • Continue our 31-year designation as a Tree City USA and strive to obtain the Growth Award

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Quality of Place

Maintain a West Lafayette that is safe, welcoming, and amenity rich.


We’ve heard that you want,


  • To increase and preserve parks and green space

  • To maintain the charm and character of West Lafayette as we grow

  • To continue to invest in multimodal transportation systems for commuting and recreation

  • A safe community where all people feel protected, welcome, and respected

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